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“I’m reaching out teaching about sharing our culture caring for our culture I love my culture so love my culture...” Our Kulture, a duet by local rapper Discreet Da Chosen 1 and the Sto:lo band Ostwelve plays for the program...

In many Coast Salish dialects, "Sne'waylh" is the word for teachings or laws.

This is an aboriginal language-learning program hosted by Káawan Sangáa (Woody Morrison), Gunargie O'Sullivan, and Shadae Johnson. Call in on Tuesdays during the program to donate or contribute your story. (604) 684-7561.

Most of the X̱aad Kíl words and phrases on this website/blog (and SoundCloud) were spoken on Sne’waylh Co-op Radio. Thanks to podcast technology, all radio programs are recorded and available on the Co-op Radio website for later playback. Each of Haida phrases or words have been cut out of the Podcasts, and uploaded to SoundCloud and Shared in this Haida Language blog.

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All activities are through volunteer efforts, please support the revival of Haida Language and Íihlxaadas húus xíinaangslaang by donating now via an email transfer, cash, items of trade, or cheques, even Money Orders. Ja Háw’aa !